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This Course;

The functioning of Wikipedia and its sister projects, the ways of using these projects to develop the digital competencies of the participants, the ways of using these channels as a tool to bring scientific information to the public, and the discussion of the studies carried out in Turkey will also be examined while showing the Wikipedia education studies carried out in different countries of the world.


The presentation, which includes information about the functioning of Wikipedia, the principles of verifiability and notability, the Wikimedia Movement and Wikimedia communities around the world, Wikidata, WikiSource and other sister projects, and the structure, history and talk page of a Wikipedia article will be examined. Editing the content of the Wikipedia article and adding sources will be demonstrated in practice.


It also includes a workshop where participants experience developing/creating a Wikipedia article. The content of the course to be given in the training;


Başak Tosun

The functioning of Wikipedia,
Volunteering in the Wikimedia Movement and Wikipedia as a tool for education.

Zafer Batik

Fundamental Rules and Technical Skills on Wikipedia,
Categorizing and Visual Sharing.



Başak Tosun

He was born in Adana in 1977. He completed his undergraduate education in 1999 at Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Political Science and International Relations. She worked in the field of internet services for 16 years. Since 2005, he has been working voluntarily with the Wikimedia Foundation to popularize the production and sharing of openly licensed digital content. He is one of the founders of the Wikimedia Community User Group and the Digital Information Association in Turkey. Within the scope of the activities of these formations, it has been organizing trainings at universities and non-governmental institutions since 2015, managing wikimarathon events specifically aimed at making women visible, and participating in collaborations with museums, archives and libraries to popularize digital information sharing with open licenses.



Zafer Batık
He was born in Izmit in 978. He graduated from Kocaeli University Control Systems department in 2000. He worked in a company related to smart buildings for 19 years. While working in this company, he worked at various construction sites in Russia and the Turkic Republics. He has been an editor at Turkish Wikipedia since 2008 and a staff member since 2015. He is one of the founding members of the Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey, established in 2016. Generally, it checks the latest changes and new articles on Wikipedia. He is especially interested in sports-related items. In addition, it takes photos to visually enrich Wikipedia and uploads these photos to Wikipedia under open licenses, free of copyright.
Course Date: 08-09 May 2024
Course Location: Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, 15 July Congress Center
Course Language: Turkish
It will take place face to face.


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